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The Wonders of Paleontology 1

The Wonders of Paleontology
Kennedy Ligon
Biology, Period 6

The Wonders of Paleontology 2
As time presses on, more discoveries are being made everywhere around us. Several new things are being found, including the new findings of Paleontology. While we’re still finding things on our own planet, Earth, Paleontologists are clearing the gap one discovery at a time. With the amazing feats they’ve accomplished, all corners of the Earth’s land will soon be completely discovered. Paleontology, the overall study of prehistoric life which includes the study of fossils to determine organisms’ evolution and interactions with each other and their environments, relates closely with other sciences. It doesn’t conduct experiments to observe objects rather than explaining causes of why such things happen. It’s been documented as far back as 5th century BC, but established officially in the 18th century by George Cuvier and later developed further into the 19th century. During ancient times, several philosophers such as Aristotle had many theories and misconceptions, which was the small developing of Paleontology, when the time of the 1700’s (Cuvier’s time) it became wildly popular from promotion of major figures of the time, it later boomed in popularity later on in time. (Glen Kuban, 1994) Paleontology lies on the border of biology and geology and shares traits with archaeology. It uses a vast number of techniques taken from several other sciences including biochemistry, mathematics and engineering, it also branches off into several sub-divisions and sub-sciences of Paleontology. The sub-branches include different variations of Paleontology, revolving around ancient life. Of the many branches, the ones I found most fascinating were Molecular Paleontology, Paleobotany, Paleoanthropology and Ichnology. They caught my attention and seemed to be the ones that caught my eye. The Wonders of Paleontology 3

Molecular Paleontology, the process of...
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