Palawan Vocal Music

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  • Published: August 30, 2013
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Folk Music of Palawan

Vocal Music :
Bagit, Kulial, (song), Tultul (epic chant), Ulit (shamanic chant) Instrumental music :
Aruding ( Jew’s harp), babarak (ring flute) suling
(banded Flute), basal (gong), kusyapiq (lute) , pagang (bamboo zither)u Social Functions:
Ritual music, music of expressing contrasting emotions,
Composition :
Bird songs, Kulial songs, Epic songs (i.e kudaman)
People of Palawan
* Tau’T batu tribe
-They are a sub-group of the Palaw’an tribe that live in the Singnapan Valley found in the southern part of Palawan. They live in the caves during rainy seasons and farm using the kaingin system during dry seasons. As compared to the other tribes, they are familiar with business or trading concepts like wages, labor and money. * TAGBANUA

The tribes of the Tagbanua can be found in the central and northern part of Palawan. They are known to practice the shifting cultivation of upland rice and are known for a rice wine ritual called Pagdiwata. The Tagbanua tribes also believe in a lot of deities that they believe can be found in their surroundings.. * BATAK

The Batak or “mountain people” are said to live in the northeastern part of Palawan. They are generally shy and peaceful people as they are known to live with nature. They believe in spirits and commune with a babaylan or a religious person.

The Palaweños would include the Agutaynons, Molbogs and Cuyunons. The Cuyunons are said to be an elite class of people. They come from the town of Cuyo in the northern part of Palawan and are religious and disciplined. They are very community and oriented. The Agutaynons are more simple group. They fish and farm in order to derived income. Lastly the Molbogs are said to be the first people actually stay on Balbac. Their names comes from the word, malubog or turbid water. Among the other groups, this group’s culture is the one closest to that of Islamic race.

Tabanua & Palaw’an Script

Tagbanua is a...
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