Pakistan-Uzbekistan Relationship

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Pakistan–Uzbekistan relations are the foreign relations between Pakistan and Uzbekistan. Relations between the two states were established when the republic of Uzbekistan became independent following the collapse of the USSR, the relations between the two countries were initially strained by the situation in Afghanistan which both countries border as they supported different factions Afghan factions. However relations improved after the fall of the Taliban, both countries seeking to improve relations for the sake of trade, Pakistan wishing to gain access to Central Asian markets and landlocked Uzbekistan to access ports on the Indian Ocean. Despite this the two brotherly countries have some culture in common especially because of deep Turkic and Persian influences in the two countries. Uzbeks have historically, travelled to the region of Pakistan as technocrats, bureaucrats, soldiers, traders, scientists, architects, teachers, theologians and Sufis during the Islamic Sultanates and Mughal Empire and settled permanently. There are many shrines doted throughout Pakistan in honour of noted Uzbek noblemen. Many Pakistanis claim Uzbek ancestry. 2. HISTORY

Although initially apprehensive about the spread of an Iranian-style Islamic fundamentalist movement in Central Asia, Uzbekistan also has found mutual economic interests with Pakistan, and the two have pursued overland links and other joint ventures. There has been a particular commercial interest in hydroelectric power, gas pipelines, and other projects. And a meeting of the heads of state of Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey in Turkmenistan in early 1995 underscored the continuing interest of those countries in the Central Asian region as a whole. 3. Importance

Pakistan and Uzbekistan has made encouraging progress in realizing the goal of establishing functional transport corridors and institutionalizing business linkages. Both the countries need to take full advantage of their geographic proximity to enhance cooperation. Shared heritage and history is reinforced by geography, culture and religion and that ensured a common destiny of Pakistan and Uzbekistan and the time had come to realize the true potential in their relationship. 4. Trade between Pakistan & Uzbekistan

i. Pakistan’s exports to Uzbekistan
* Medical & Pharmaceutical Products
* edible products
* medical & surgical instruments
* chemical materials
* and sports fabrics and goods
* tobacco/tobacco manufacture
* Leather & Leather manufacture
ii. Pakistan’s imports from Uzbekistan
* Raw cotton
* non-ferrous metals
* leather
* medical and pharmaceutical products
* chemical products
* natural honey
5. Main contributory factors Uzbekistan’s macro-economy
Since its independence 1991, the government of Uzbekistan rigorously followed and implemented the prophecies of liberalization of economy and ultimately succeeded to achieve the desired goals of socio-economic prosperity.

1) Open market reforms
2) Attractions of foreign investments
3) Deep structural changes in economy
4) Modernization and renovation of production
5) Creation of the new export-bound sectors and enterprises
6) Accelerated development of business and private entrepreneurship
Both the countries have signed more than 29 agreements and MOUs (MOU-- see Glossary) which guideline us in all spheres of bilateral cooperation and brotherly relations 6. ECO and cooperation
One forum that has emerged as a potentially important structure for cooperation among Central Asian countries and Pakistan has been the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO--see Glossary), a loose regional economic organization to foster trade and cooperation among its members in the Middle East and South Asia. Although during its almost two decades of existence ECO has achieved little concrete economic cooperation, in November 1992...
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