Pakistan Tobacco Company

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Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited was incorporated in 1947 immediately after partition, when it took over the business of the Imperial Tobacco Company of India which had been operational in the subcontinent since 1905.

PTC is the part of the trans-national British American Tobacco Group (BAT), one of the world's most international business groups. In more than 100 years of British American Tobacco’s existence, the Group of companies has traded through the turbulence of wars, revolutions and nationalizations - as well as all the controversy surrounding smoking.

PTC brands, whether international, regional or local, are what drive British American Tobacco. The maxim of British American Tobacco founder Buck Duke - "Develop a superior product" - is as relevant today as it was then. BAT employs some 90,000 people worldwide and which has a presence in 180 countries. British American Tobacco has a position of market leader in more than 50 countries selling over 300 brands there. In 2004, the Group sold and produced a nearly 16% share of the global market of cigarettes.

PTC is the largest excise tax generator in the private sector in the country. In 2004 alone, PTC paid the government close to Rs.16 Billion in excise and sales taxes. This amounts to over Rs. 50 million per working day. Over one million people are economically dependent on the industry in Pakistan. PTC strategy reflects their vision - being the champions of growth, productivity, responsibility and the winning organization. PTC work to ensure that they deploy their resources and capabilities in the most efficient way. Insisting on capital effectiveness, and growth they utilize their assets to the maximum. PTC is determined to become an organization with a focused, energized, and diverse talent-pool, achieving sustainable high performance thus translating into their ‘‘Winning Culture’’.

Their brands encompass their values and they boast a diversified portfolio catering to the different tastes and preferences of the entire tobacco market. By offering products that are superior in quality, driven by global standards, PTC meet and exceed the expectations of their consumers. They believe that products that pose risks to health, such as tobacco, require regulation. They seek to engage with governments, regulatory bodies and other tobacco companies on tobacco regulation that can tackle real issues in workable ways. They are committed to working with national governments and relevant multilateral organizations, to reduce the health impact of smoking, and welcome opportunities to participate, in good faith, to achieve real progress. Following the ratification of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control by the Government of Pakistan, they are working with the Government and local regulatory bodies to illustrate their dedication towards the responsible marketing of their brands.

PTC’s Environment Health Safety Program is designed to provide a safe workplace for employees, protect the environment, prevent damage to property, enhance employee morale, and assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations worldwide. Today, society also expects companies to work towards broader goals beyond the benefit of shareholders and to demonstrate support for communities, high standards of ethical behaviour and greater transparency and accountability. As society’s expectations of corporate responsibility change, they are also changing some of the ways addressing the issues of concern.


Pakistan Tobacco Company was being the first multinational to set up its business in Pakistan in 1947 and beginning operations out of a warehouse near Karachi Port, they have come a long way. From being just a single factory operation to a company which is involved in every aspect of cigarette production, from tobacco cultivation to packaging we have evolved and grown with Pakistan. However, what is significant about these fifty-seven years is the effort...
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