Pakistan Textile Sector Facing New Challanges

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Pakistan Textile Industry Facing New Challenges
Aftab A. Khan Corresponding Author, College of Business Administration, King Saud University P.O. Box 2459 Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia Tel: 0966543647041 Mehreen Khan College of Business Administration, King Saud University P.O. Box 2459 Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia Tel: 0966591584206 Abstract The Pakistan textile industry contributes more than 60 percent (US $ 9.6 billion) to the country’s total exports. However, currently this industry is facing great decline in its growth rate. The major reasons for this decline can be the global recession, internal security concerns, the high cost of production due to increase in the energy costs etc. Depreciation of Pakistani rupee that significantly raised the cost of imported inputs, rise in inflation rate, and high cost of financing has also effected seriously the growth in the textile industry. As a result neither the buyers are able to visit frequently Pakistan nor are the exporters able to travel abroad for effectively marketing their products. With an in-depth investigation it was found that the Pakistan’s textile industry can once again be brought back on winning track if government takes serious actions in removing or normalizing the above mentioned hurdles. Additionally, the government should provide subsidy to the textile industry, minimize the internal dispute among the exporters, withdraw the withholding and sales taxes etc. Purchasing new machinery or enhancing the quality of the existing machinery and introducing new technology can also be very useful in increasing the research & development (R & D) related activities that in the modern era are very important for increasing the industrial growth of a country.

Keywords: Textile; exports; withholding.






The Pakistan textile industry total export is around 9.6 billion US dollars. The textile industry contributes approximately 46 percent to the total output or 8.5 percent of the country GDP. In Asia, Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile products providing employment to 38 percent of the work force in the country. However, the textile industry currently faces massive challenges. The All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) needs to enhance the quality of its products. However, APTMA argues other factors such as high interest rates and cost of inputs, non conducive government policies, and non-guaranteed energy supplies hinder their competitiveness [1].

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History of Pakistan Textile Industry Increase in the cotton production and expansion of textile industry has been impressive in Pakistan since 1947. Cotton – bales increase from 1.1 million bales in 1947 to 10 million bales by 2000. Number of mills increased from 3 to 600 and spindles from about 177,000 to 805 million similarly looms and finishing units increased but not in the same proportion. Pakistan’s textile industry experts feel that Pakistan has fairly large size textile industry and 60-70% of machines need replacement for the economic and quality production of products for a highly competitive market. But unfortunately it does not have any facility for manufacturing of textile machinery of balancing modernization and replacement (BMR) in the textile mills. We need to think about joint ventures for the production of complete spinning units with china, Italy and production of shuttle less looms with Korea, Taiwan and Italy. Reflecting on the state of affairs, Abid Chinoy, Pakistan cloth merchants Association (PCMA) Chairman, Appreciated government’s efforts to encourage new exports and finding new markets, which need aggressive export marketing. The steps taken on the monetary front, such as the frequent devaluation of Pak rupee in terms of dollar could not improve the cost...
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