Pakistan Textile Industry

Topics: Inflation, Textile manufacturing, Monetary policy Pages: 10 (3511 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Chapter I: Introduction
The research that has been carried out is about is textile industry of Pakistan. In this report the researchers have tried and highlight the problems that are being faced by the Pakistan’s biggest industry which is Textile Industry. It is known as the biggest sources of export from Pakistan’s prospect and also has made large revenues for Pakistan. This industry is now-a-days in deep troubled waters and the situation is becoming alarming with every passing day. In this report the researchers will point out the problems and also give possible solutions for those problems.

1. i)Objective:
This report’s main purpose is to highlight the significance of the Asia’s 8th largest export industry in context to Pakistan. Also to pin point the problems that are haunting down the revenues and to tell the importance of this industry. Pakistan’s 8.5% of the GDP is based upon this textile industry and is the biggest industry of Pakistan, also the textile industry of Pakistan is the 8th biggest exporter in whole of Asia. It also provides 38% of the employment to the work force of Pakistan. However, this industry is facing a lot of issues these days due to the negligence of Government and if they didn’t do anything about these problems it may turn out to be disasters. The facts speak for themselves, the figures are quite self evident that the textile industry is of great significance.

1. ii)Scope:
Talking about the scope of this report, Its worth is realized & recognized nationally and internationally. This industry covers up the local as well as the international markets. Its scope is quite vast, National context as we all know that it is one of the biggest industries of Pakistan and internationally in a sense that we export the products of this industry to certain countries and if the exports are cut down then it will also have an impact on other countries.

This shows that large exports are based on the textile industry of Pakistan. This also shows that this report has an international scope as the exports have increased with the passage of time and the problems to the textile industry will also hamper the performance of the countries which are in relationship of export with Pakistan.

1. iii) Limitations:
The researchers tried to cover the topic in each and every aspect but due to lack of time and scarcity of resources the researchers couldn’t sum up the report the perfection so they excuse and apologize for anything that was left over. The researchers made their efforts in order to reach the desirable results and provide facts that were authentic and real enough.

This graph also shows the variation in the export trends as a whole. Out of which, textile has played a vital role in boosting up the GDP of Pakistan and adds a lot to the country. This graph also shows the limitation that graphs of total exports were found where as specific growth of textile industry was not there.

Chapter II: Background Information
The textile industry has been of great significance since the birth of Pakistan. In 1947 the cotton bales present in the country were limited to just 1.1 million which has become 10 times more by 2000 in 53 years. There were only 3 mills in the start when Pakistan emerged as a separate Nation but now there are more than 650 mills all over Pakistan which are registered. But, at the same times the 650+ mills are not utilized to the full. According to the experts and the recent survey in 2009 about 75-80% of the machines either need to be replaced or updated to the modern international standard. The recent Governments of Pakistan has neglected the importance of this sector and the story of the present Government is pretty much same. We seriously need to think and replace the machines to the modern standards so that we can cope up with the international level industry. We need to sign ventures with the textile industry giants in order to replace...
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