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Topics: Overfishing, Aquaculture, Fishing Pages: 3 (651 words) Published: March 25, 2013
B.2 Natural Resources – An Issue of Sustainability d)_Fish (Syllabus 2011) d)_Fish
Candidates should be able to
• describe the fishing methods used in both marine and inland waters, including fish farms, • give examples of the fish caught in both marine & inland waters & of the fish reared on fish farms, • give examples of the fishing ports on both the Balochistan and Sindh coasts, • describe the uses of the fish caught.

• explain improvements in fishing methods and processing techniques • understand the problems facing the fishing industry and evaluate the possibilities for its further development and sustainability ____________________________________________________________________________ Question: 2 (May / June 2000)

(d) (i) For marine fishing name the main catch and the most important export market for the catch. [2]
(ii) For inland fishing state where and why fish are caught. [5] Question: 2(October / November 2002)
(a) Study the following.
Group 1 – crab, lobster, prawns (jhinga), sardines, shark
Group 2 – hila, mahseer, palla, trout
Group 3 – herring, mackerel, sardines, shark
Fishing Areas
A – inland fisheries (freshwater)
B – Makran (Balochistan) Coast
C – Indus Delta (Sindh) Coast
(i) In which fishing area are the fish in group 1 caught? [1] (ii) In which fishing area are the fish in group 2 caught? [1] (iii) Describe the fishing industry of the Makran Coast with reference to methods of catching the fish, ports and the uses of the fish caught. [6] (iv) Increasingly fish are obtained from fish farms. Describe this method of producing fish.[4] (v) Why are fish so plentiful in the mangroves of the Indus Delta Coast? [4] Question: 4(October / November 2003)

(b) (i) State and explain the main functions of the
ports on the Balochistan coast. [5]
(ii) Why are the ports in Balochistan small?[4]
Question: 3 (May / June 2004)
(a) Study...
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