Pakistan Earthquake 2005

Topics: 2005 Kashmir earthquake, Earthquake, Death Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Name: Masooma
Date: Jan. 21st, 2011
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Teacher’s name: Eliopoulos, J.
Topic: Pakistan Earthquake 2005

On October 8, 2005 the history of Pakistan turned a new page when a massive earthquake hit the northern part of the country. It was said to be the most powerful quake in the last 100 years. It had a magnitude of 7.6 and was accompanied by more than 60 aftershocks. It killed and injured more than thousands of people and caused massive destruction in the northern part. It was early in the morning when the earth shattering quake jolted the residents out of their beds. Those who were already up and about ready to go, or were at work and school rushed out of their buildings into the open air as the earth shook violently beneath them. They started praying. Still many were trapped as the buildings come down on them. Most of the students lost their lives, as they were completely unaware that they would be buried alive under the ruins of their school building. My family and I had moved to Islamabad (northern part of the country) just two days ago. Our part of the city was not as affected compared to the other parts and because of that we felt lucky. The Margalla Towers, an apartment complex collapsed and killed most of the residents living there. Many of our relatives and family friends lived in that area. Mom tried to call them but the communication systems were disrupted by the quake. This added to the anxiety of the people who could not call their relatives in the affected areas. Many of them were injured and lost most of their family members to the quake. However the most disturbing news was that my aunt lost her husband and her six months old son. The quake affected millions of people directly and indirectly. The official death toll was 87,000 and more than 100,000 people were injured. Many dead bodies were pulled, from the rubble with missing limbs or completely crushed by the rescue teams. But also there had been a handful of incredible...
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