Pakistan Current Situation

Topics: Force, Classical mechanics, Blame Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Laws of motion for Pakistan’s government
1st: energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but can change its form. For Pakistan’s current situation it goes like
ENERGY CAN NEVER BE CREATED; IT’S AVAILABLE FOR THE ELITE ONES ONLY. That’s such a shameful reality of our present power generation scenario, false promises are made in every session for no use and its now obvious to everyone that energy will never be available with such absurd advertisements about electricity trafficking and operating air conditioner at 26 degrees what an excuse they have put forward..Although they have got loads of water reservoirs which can serve as huge hydro power generating plants in the north of the country, but again it’s a sorry condition of not utilizing the nature’s reservoirs. I remember the last year’s experience of 17 hours straight breakdown of electric power in the whole Karachi vicinity. That was such an impudent condition of our recent government that shows off the 21st century Pakistan. News are full of scandalous predictions as well as real facts but with a tag of complaint only and not for its solution. New graduates in the technology whenever tries to work on it, are highly condemned by the excuse of limited resources that shows the lack of interest in Pakistan’s prosperity. 2nd: when a net force is applied on an object, it will move the object in the applied direction with an acceleration equal in magnitude of the applied force Its interpretation for the present government goes like

WHEN A SHAMEFUL ACT IS DONE BY THE PRESIDENT,IT WILL MAKE HIM MORE COURAGEOUS FOR THE CONCERNED REASON THAT HAS A POTENTIAL EQUAL TO THE VOICE RAISED AGAINST HIM. This is a true picture of the present visits made by our honorable president to condemn the statements made by the British authorities and to start up his son’s political career. Country is in its worst condition these days and he has to impart his impression all over the Europe at his own expenses. What a shock for the...
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