Pakistan China Strategic Relation

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Pakistan China Strategic Relations
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Background and History:
Pakistan recognized china on 4 January, 1950. Pakistan and china bilateral relations are more powerful rather than others bilateral relations to other countries. China has always provided political, economic, diplomatic and support to Pakistan. Pakistan china diplomatic relations started in 21 May 1951. Whenever Pakistan suffered in natural disaster like earth quack and flood time China helped us a lot. The first Chinese ambassador came to Pakistan in September 1951 and Pakistani first ambassador went to china in Peking on November1, 1951. The first time Pakistani ambassador Major General Raza stressed and wished to develop the cordial relation with republic china. The further relations started between Pakistan and china at the Bandung Conference, a forum hosted by Indonesian President Sukarno in the Javanese city of Bandung in April 1955. This conference was give to strengthen the role of Afro-Asian nations against the imperialism. “On 15 June1956 premier Chou Eli remarked about the historic links between the people of Pakistan and China reaffirmed for friendly political ties with Pakistan. Pakistan adopted ‘One China Policy’ and strictly adapted to it. It served as s a reminder during the Cold War when Pakistan chose a separate path from its Western allies in articulating its policy towards China. The Karakaram highway was started jointly by both countries for trade purpose. That highway was completed in 20 years with the collaboration by both countries engineers. Now, that highway provided both countries motor able link for trade. That highway also gave the china access to Arabian Sea port of Karachi. Pak-china foreign policy gave the more strength to assign Sino-Pakistan Frontier Agreement 1963. These are labeled as an ‘all weather friendship, “deeper than the oceans` and ‘higher than the Himalayas”. The cornerstone of Pakistan foreign policy is Chinese friendship as Pakistan views this marvelous relationship beneficial not only in time of peace for progress and development but also in crises and conflicting situations to tackle them. China is the largest trade partner at bilateral level and regional level second largest partner in South Asia while India is the first. The people of Pakistan draw strength and feel satisfaction with relation of Chinese nation, which are not less than a miracle of modern era.

Pakistan China Contemporary Policy:
China helped the Pakistani Government a lot underground in 1965 war. China first time sent tranche of weapons in 1965 war. During the war china support was reliable and hopeful for Pakistani government. In 1997 Pakistan improved more relation with china and Pakistan got 1650 tanks, 269 aircrafts, 3 warship and 10 patrol craft. In Wah Industrial production factory 70% designs of the aircraft and other war tools are designing by Chinese. The relation has been gone at peek due to the marvelous foreign policy by both countries. In 2002 Pakistan china trade stood at US$2 billion and now it grew to US$6.8 billion which shows the strength of both country relations. Pakistan and china has also made the JF-17 fighter aircraft jointly. During the Mushraf era in 2000 to 2005 Pakistan and china started 21 agreements which were covering nuclear energy, defense cooperation, technology sharing for warship, aircrafts and tanks. China also invested a huge investment at Gwadar. (Schofield U. B., 2012) Pakistan and china has signed free trade agreement. China is also helping Pakistan in energy crises. Joint military exercise has been started between both countries. Pakistan Army has reached China to participate in third joint military training exercise, YOUYI - III (Friendship). That kind of exercise has been designed to benefit from the professional skills employed by the two Special Forces Group at sub unit level. Those kinds of exercises are also creating the harmony and brotherhood between the both...
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