Pakistan and Its Poverty

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Pakistan and its poverty…

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Pakistan or officially, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is rated one of the poorest countries in the world due to its high infant mortality rates, low adult literacy rates, low life expectancy, and not enough access to clean water, food, safe housing, healthcare and finally education. The main reasons why there are so many poor people in this country is because there is a lot of inflation there and the people cannot afford it.

Living conditions and life opportunities are very different in Pakistan between the very rich and the very poor. In this developing country, thousands of people live in poverty. They do not have enough food to eat due to expensive food rates in Pakistan and their access to water is scarce. Their shelter is poor and many have no proper home at all. Due to poverty, rates of disease and death are much higher in this country. Access to health care and education is limited. Pakistani Map

International organizations, non-government organizations such as WHO and Islamic Relief, and international governments and individuals are all working towards a better and fairer Pakistan. The Millennium Development Goals are also making an effort to reduce poverty and inequality in Pakistan.

Infant Mortality…
Pakistan has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the entire world. In Pakistan, every 87/1000 children will die under the age of 5 whereas in USA, every 7/1000 children will die under the age of 5. The number of deaths per 1000 babies under one year old is called infant mortality rate or IMR. The highest IMR is in Pakistan, the lowest is in Australia (example of developed country). There are strong links between poverty and IMR.

Infant Mortality in Pakistan is due to people living in remote areas. As a result, the government cannot deliver medical facilities to them and the poor people cannot travel to metro areas. People are less health conscious therefore diseases are spread such as malaria.

There is also a resistance to western medicines. The paramedical staff living and supporting in remote areas are not fully qualified. Based on their experience, they deliver services. Minor cases are survived but the complex ones result in infant’s death because of poor skills of supporting staff. There is tendency to rely less on western medicines accordingly people rely more on traditional medicines which causes the infant’s sickness to become worse.

One of the largest killers of infants in Pakistan is HIV/AIDS. Research shows that there are 15 million people nationwide with HIV. Three out of four young Pakistanis suffering from HIV are women and girls. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) weakens the body’s defences against infection. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is the collection of symptoms and infections that occur when HIV defeats the immune system.
Adult Literacy Rates…
Pakistan has the lowest adult literacy rates in the world. Some of the main causes of these are that the people don’t have enough money, transport inconveniences or because of the critical conditions outside the house.

Millennium Development Goal aims to enable all adults and children everywhere know how to read, write and calculate. Goal 3 aims to promote gender equity and empower women. This means that girls and women should have the same opportunities as boys and men, including secondary and tertiary education and employment.

There is a strong relationship between education, fertility rates and poverty. The more education women have, the more likely they are to have small families. As literacy rates increase, poverty declines.

The provision of education has improved nationwide in the last 10 years. The proportion of adult...
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