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1. The Swadeshi movement means
Boycott of goods (British goods)
2. Simla Deputation was led by
Sir Agha Khan
3. Who moved the resolution for establishing Muslim League?
Nawab of Dacca
4. Who delivered the Presidential address in which the Muslim League was established? Nawab Waqr ul Mulk
5. Separate electorate was awarded to Muslims in
6. Annulment of partition of Bengal was announced in
7. Jinnah was formally enrolled in All India Muslim League in 1913
8. "Comarade" was started by
Moulana Muhammad Ali
9. Al Hilal was started by
Moulana Muhammad Ali
10. Jinnah was the Principle architect of
Lucknow pact
11. The most important change brought about by Minto Morley Reforms was Separate Electorate 12. Turkey in the First World War was chose to fight on the side of Germany
13. Treaty of Severes was announced in
14. Shuddhi and Sangthan movements were started at the end of Tehrik e Khilafat
15. "Zamindar" was brought about by
Zafar Ali Khan
16. Report of Rowlatt Committee was published in
17. Jallianwala Bagh tragedy took place in:
18. Jinnah resigned from congress during Nagpur session in
19. Moplah rising in Malabar took place in
20. The Moplah rose against
the British and Hindu Zamindar.
21. Which movement was started by Sir Swami Shradhnand?
22. Sangthan was started by
Pandit Malavia
23. Swami Shradhnand was murdered in
24. Chauri Chaura incident took place in
25. Khilafat was abolished by Mustafa Kamal Pasha in
26. Simon Commission was sent to India in
27. On the arrival Simon Commission Muslim League was Split into two groups one was led by Sir Muhammad Shafee and the other was led by Quaid e Azam
28. Which party was divided into pro changers and changers?
29. Nehru Report was an answer to the challenge given by
Lord Birkenhead
30. Nehru Report accepted the following demand
a separate province for North-West Frontier and Sindh
31. Jinnah Fourteen points were offered in
32. Which member of Simon Commission resigned and replaced by another member Stephen Walsh
33. Dyarchy was scrapped in
1919 Reforms
34. The first session of Round Table Conference was opened in London
35. Which party was not present in First Round Table Conference Congress
36. Federal form of Government for India was approved by British in First Round Table Conference
37. Who was the Prime Minster of England during First Round Table Conference? Ramsay Macdonald 38. Second Round Table Conference was held in
39. Communal award was published in
What was the reaction of Congress and Muslim League over Communal Award? Both Disliked
The recommendation of Round Table Conference was published in 1933
The whole of India Act of 1935 came into operation in provincial part in 1937
Anandhnath is a
Nagri is a
Pirpur Report was about
Congress ministries
Shareef Pur report was about
Who wrote" Muslim Suffering under Congress Rule"?
Fazl ul Haq
Wardha scheme was about
The author of Wardha Scheme was
Zakir Hussain
Band e Matarm was an
Day of Deliverance was celebrated on
22nd December 1939
"Now or Never" pamphlet was written in 1933 by
Ch. Rehmat Ali
"Pakistan National Movement" was founded by
Ch. Rehmat Ali
"Outline of a Scheme of Indian federation" was written by
Sikandar Hayat Khan
Lahore resolution was introduced by
Fazl ul Haq
"Thoughts on Pakistan" was written by
The British August offer was made in
What was the response of Muslim League over British offer?
Neither accepted nor rejected
Which Congress leader thought after Lahore Resolution that the partition was unavoidable? Raja Gopal Acharia
Sapru proposals were offered in
Liaquat – Desai Pact was concluded in
Wavell plan was made in
Parity was the issue in
Wavel Plan
Simla Conference was held in
In1945 elections, out of total 102 seats of Central...
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