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MARK SCHEME for the May/June 2006 question paper

2059/01 Paper 1 maximum raw mark 75

This mark scheme is published as an aid to teachers and students, to indicate the requirements of the examination. It shows the basis on which Examiners were initially instructed to award marks. It does not indicate the details of the discussions that took place at an Examiners’ meeting before marking began. Any substantial changes to the mark scheme that arose from these discussions will be recorded in the published Report on the Examination. All Examiners are instructed that alternative correct answers and unexpected approaches in candidates’ scripts must be given marks that fairly reflect the relevant knowledge and skills demonstrated. Mark schemes must be read in conjunction with the question papers and the Report on the Examination. • CIE will not enter into discussion or correspondence in connection with these mark schemes.

CIE is publishing the mark schemes for the May/June 2006 question papers for most IGCSE and GCE Advanced Level and Advanced Subsidiary Level syllabuses and some Ordinary Level syllabuses.

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Mark Scheme GCE O Level – May/June 2006

Syllabus 2059

Paper 1

APPLICATION OF THE MARK SCHEME 1 Using the Mark Scheme • The examples of responses given in the mark scheme are not intended to be definitive. They are merely given as an example of the type of response which may be given by candidates. Marking should be positive. Marks must not be deducted for inaccurate or irrelevant answers. Half-marks must not be used. Be consistent in your marking from script to script and most importantly from batch to batch. Indicate that you have read all the answer and each page. If a candidate reaches a level then s/he must be rewarded with a mark within that level. It is not necessary to work through the levels.

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Marking • • • • • All marking must be done in red. The level and the mark awarded for each sub-question must be shown clearly in the margin of the script at the end of the answer e.g. L3/12 At the end of each question the total marked achieved by the candidate for that question must be shown circled in the margin. The total mark for each question should be transferred to the front page of the script. The marks awarded for the three questions must be indicated and totalled. It is most important that examiners indicate clearly in the body of the response where the level has been achieved and where the marks are gained.


Administration • All examiners must send 10 scripts to their team leader within 48 hours of the meeting. It is essential that a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed to ensure a speedy return of the scripts. Your team leader will contact you to discuss the marking of your scripts. A further batch of scripts must be sent to your team leader as Batch 1 by a date to be notified in due course. As soon as you have completed your marking, please send your report to your team leader.

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© University of Cambridge International Examinations 2006

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Mark Scheme GCE O Level – May/June 2006

Syllabus 2059

Paper 1

Question 1 (a) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (b) In which year did Shah Wali Ullah return to Delhi from his pilgrimage to Arabia? Who led the Pathan military force that Syed Ahmad Shaheed Barailvi joined following his graduation from the Madrassa in Delhi? Who wrote Athar-ul-Sanadeed in 1846? To where was Bahadur Shah II exiled in 1857? 1732 Amir Khan Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Rangoon (Burma) [1] [1] [1] [1]

Explain why the Mughal Empire declined following the reign of Aurangzeb. LEVEL 1: Simplistic statement Aurangzeb was to blame LEVEL 2: Identifies reasons Aurangzeb’s successors were weak. There was no law of succession. LEVEL 3: Explains reasons Aurangzeb’s successors became lazy, weak and corrupt and left the administration to their ministers...
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