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People's Republic of China–Pakistan relations began in 1950 when Pakistan was among the first countries to break relations with the Republic of China on Taiwan and recognise the PRC. Following the 1962 Sino-Indian War, Pakistan's relations with the PRC became stronger; since then, the two countries have regularly exchanged high-level visits resulting in a variety of agreements. The PRC has provided economic, military and technical assistance to Pakistan. Bilateral relations have evolved from an initial Chinese policy of sympathy and support for the creation of a independent homeland for the Muslims of South Asia in 1947 to an unusual partnership that links a small but militarily powerful Pakistan, dependent on China for its economic and military strength, with China trying to balance competing interests in the region. Diplomatic relations were established in 1950, military assistance began in 1966, a strategic alliance was formed in 1972 and economic co-operation began in 1979. The relationship has been described by Hu Jintao as "higher than the mountains and deeper than oceans". Favourable relations with China have been a pillar of Pakistan's foreign policy. China strongly supported Pakistan's opposition to Soviet Union involvement in Afghanistan and was perceived by Pakistan as a regional counterweight to India. China and Pakistan also share a close military relation, with China supplying a range of modern armaments to the Pakistani defence forces. China supports Pakistan's stance on Kashmir while Pakistan supports China on the issues of Xinjiang, Tibet, and Taiwan. Lately, military cooperation has deepened with joint projects producing armaments ranging from fighter jets to guided missile frigates. Chinese cooperation with Pakistan has reached high economic points with substantial investment from China in Pakistani infrastructural expansion, including the noted project in the Pakistani deep water port in Gwadar. Both countries have an ongoing free trade agreement. Pakistan has served as China's main bridge between Muslim countries. Pakistan had earlier played a leading role in bridging the communication gap between China and the West, through Henry Kissinger's secret visit before the 1972 Nixon visit to China. Pakistan has an enduring, multi-dimensional and deep-rooted relationship with China. The long-standing ties of friendship between the two countries are underpinned by mutual trust and confidence. A close identity of views and mutuality of interest remain the hallmark of bilateral ties. Pakistan has always supported China on all issues of importance to the latter, especially those related to the question of China's sovereignty e.g. Taiwan, Xinjiang, and Tibet and other sensitive issues such as human rights.[1] The Chinese leadership has always appreciated Pakistan's steadfast support on issues of their concern. They are also generous in acknowledging the significant role of Pakistan in the early 1970s, which enabled China to break its isolation from the West and the US, when Henry Kissinger secretly visited Beijing. Pakistan also helped China become a member for the United Nations and has also been instrumental in providing excellent relations of China with the Muslim world.[2] China has also supported Pakistan through thick and thin. The Kashmir issue has always been supported, while in 2008 during Pakistan-Indian tensions, it promised unlimited financial and military aid. Pakistan and China have also been involved in technology exchanged. Although earlier, it would be mostly sharing, it now remains in the favour of Chinese. |[pic] |This article's tone or style may not be appropriate for Wikipedia. Specific concerns may be found on the talk page. See Wikipedia's | | |guide to writing better articles for suggestions. (December 2010) |

Diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China were established on 21 May 1951.[3] The 50th...
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