Painting Styles Essay

Topics: History of painting, Expressionism, Impressionism Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: January 20, 2011
Painting Styles Essay
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Painting Styles Essay
Neoclassical art was created in Greece and Rome. Neoclassical art has little emotion and came after the period with Rococo art and Baroque art. The classical elements of neoclassical art were used in England to vivid ideas and express courage. Neoclassical art fascinated many viewers and offered them new ways of seeing and doing art. There were some very famous people who used this type of art. Two of the famous artists of this period are Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and Nicolai Abildgaard. What brought about neo classical art is the discovery of ancient Italian artifacts at a ruin in the region of Pompeii. A German art historian by the name of Johanna J. Winckleman had a great deal of influence on the neoclassical art. Romanticism came around after neoclassical art. Romanticism came about in the 18th century and is intellectual, artistic, and literary. Romanticism gained strength in the revolutionary period. Mostly artists practice with a mix of both art styles in their portfolio. Academic art comes from the French academy (academism). This type of art had an influence in Paris salons in the 19th century. The meaning is meant to apply to all the art influenced by European academies. Impressionism came from movement in paintings. These paintings are characterized by objects looking like they are moving. This type of painting is sometimes called optical realism (impressionism). Impressionism derived from an artist who took on the name that a critic had called him. This painting was done by Claude Monet which received bad reviews. The focal point of this painting is to draw the eye to the light and darkness in the paintings. A good impressionist could have their visual sensations of nature to draw the eye. Impressionist was not treated like other painters. Impressionists artists were ridiculed because of the way there paintings were done. Having paintings that looked like...
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