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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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The House with the Cracked Walls (1892-94) by Paul Cézanne
Oil on canvas (31.5 x 25.25 in)
Located in Metropolitan Museum of Art Gallery 822, New York

The artwork, which is vertical in its organization, it is a sight spot in somewhat suburban at dusk. An old and small house is in the center of painting, surrounded by several little trees. It is built on some big rocks. Artist paint from one side of the house from a low angle, so we cannot see what is its front look. The house is painted in light khaki with dark orange eaves, just as the title of this artwork described---“with cracked walls”. It is a two-floor house, looks like being scrapped; the walls of both floors have cracks. On top floor the crack is very big and serious, rifting from the edge of roof to the bottom of that floor. artist painted this crack in black color but not totally black, there are some green mixed in the border of crack as if moss. The cracks on first floor’s wall are relatively light, but still seem dangerous because there are not only one split, it have multiple cracks which are started from one point and split to different directions off and on. There is a small square window on wall of top floor, just next to the big crack. Under the house are some big rocks covered by some weeds in green color and a little mixed with yellow, not much, just on the edges between rocks and rocks. On those rocks are about five or six little trees with thin branches, without very lush green leaves. There is a main huge rock on the right side of the painting with seldom weeds grew on it. The reason why I called it main rock is because it occupied almost 1/4 area of the painting. This rock’s color is a little big lighter than the others, from this point I guess the sunset was on artist’s left side. Above that rock there is a single tree, which also next to the house but seems a little bit far away. Because the color of this tree and leaves are much darker than the other trees on the left. It is...
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