Paint Industry Overview

Topics: Paint, Formulations, Supply and demand Pages: 8 (2365 words) Published: October 12, 2010
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2009 the Indian coatings market report shows the trend of potential growth

【Chinese paint online news in 2009, according to operations of India's domestic paint industry statistics show that decorative coating products have occupied a share of the Indian paint industry in the vast majority of the proportion of 75%; while industrial coatings in India has demonstrated considerable market prospects, the various paint coatings in India has increased in recent years, companies are also in the automotive coatings and paint the field of construction input.

Is well known that India's domestic paint industry in recent years has made considerable development, though the international financial crisis raging, but in 2009 the Indian coatings market in the development of the domestic growth rate is still significantly higher than previous years should be. In India, annual per capita consumption of paint products is only 1.25 kilograms, this figure is far lower than that in Qatar, 51.7 kilograms, 38 kilograms of Singapore and the United States 25.8 kilograms. Even India's per capita paint consumption is also lower than that for the developed countries, with China and Sri Lanka, China's per capita consumption of paint is 2.5 kg / year, Sri Lanka, compared to 3.5 kilograms per year. Only from the gap in per capita consumption, we can easily see how India's domestic paint industry there is a huge market potential to be discovered.

.2009 Years under the Indian domestic paint experts predicted that India will have the overall productivity of the domestic paint may reach 940 million liters, the market value estimated at 20 billion dollars. Scale paint companies in India accounted for 54% of total market value accounted for 65% of India's total.

In the past decade, India's domestic annual compound growth rate (CAGR) to maintain 12 ~ 13% of the rapid growth momentum, is also optimistic about the economic experts predict the future five years, the CAGR of India will continue to be maintained at 11 ~ 12% this level. Similarly, India's gross domestic product (GDP) of the steady growth of manufacturing industry in India would also show a positive signal.

Decorative paint and industrial coatings Comparison

2009 Indian domestic decorative paint market pattern

The coatings industry in India can be an atmosphere in general two categories, one category is decorative coatings, accounting for about 75% of the entire industry, and the other is the industrial coatings, accounting for 25%, which is far greater than the size of China's industrial coatings scale of architectural coatings , in sharp contrast. Indian paint industry, this pattern is completely formed by market demand, India's domestic demand for decorative paints is the mainstream is clearly the driving force, while the demand for industrial coatings needs clearly in the derived classes do not have the ability to lead.

2009 Indian domestic decorative paint market pattern

Decorative coating in the Indian paint market is very substantial market share, which is reflected not only in paint production, the same is also reflected in the value of the paint. However, in India, or workshop-type of small-scale enterprises in the decorative coating decorative coatings play a crucial role, which is also India's domestic decorative paint generally low-tech, small businesses paint in very low-level market price competitive advantage....
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