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Indian Paint Industry
Description: The Indian paint industry has come a long way from the days when paints were considered a luxury item. Today the awareness level on preventing corrosion through paints is relatively high, a development that should be a huge boost to the paint industry. This report provides in-depth information and analysis on the US$ 925.0 million (2000-01) worth Indian paint industry. The Indian paints industry offers lucrative scope for stable revenue streams to manufacturers of both decorative and industrial paints. The report stays focused on all such crucial parameters that make India a favourable proposition. Factors that have been given emphasis include the low per capita consumption of paints (1.0 kilogram), growth in construction sector (it is being offered industry status) and growth in the auto/white goods market respectively spurring demand for decorative and industrial paints. The industry has also witnessed increased activity in the industrial variety of paints with the entry of MNCs in auto, consumer durables etc, which has been gaining steadily over decorative paints in the last one decade. The report covers both the segments of decorative and industrial varieties of paints along with elaboration on product sub-segments within these two product segments. The typical characteristics of the Indian paints industry have been discussed in depth covering the typical features of the Indian industry viz., raw material intensiveness, working capital intensiveness, seasonality of demand, price elasticity of demand and low entry barriers. The current global scenario with reference to the paint industry has been covered in the report with special focus on auto-coats market, which is a key growth area in the International market. The current scenario prevailing in the Indian paint industry has been pictured in detail. The share of the organized and unorganized...
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