Paint Chemist a Dying Breed in South Africa

Topics: Research, Qualitative research, Skill Pages: 13 (3549 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Paint Chemist a dying breed in South Africa

Name :Samuel Jansen
Student no.:208245987
Supervisor:Mr. S.E. Cronje
Date : 6 November

I would like thank SAPMA for providing the information I needed and Dr. Philip Green aiding me and sharing his knowledge on the paint Industry

i. Acknowledgements2
ii. Keywords5
1.1 Introduction6
1.2 The problem statement7
1.3 Research objectives7
1.4 Research methodology7
1.5 Delimitation of the study7
1.6 Importance of the study7

1 Chapter 28

2.1 Introduction9
2.7 Function of a paint Technologist9
2.8 Definition of training9
2.9 Definition of skill9
2.10 Definition of technical skill9
2.11 Formulation skill10
2.12 Current programs offered10
2.13 National Skills Strategy13
2.14 Summary13

2 Chapter 314

3.15 Introduction14
3.16.1 Qualitative research14
3.16.2 Quantitative research14
3.16 Research design15
3.17 Data collection15

3 Chapter 416

4.18 Introduction16
4.19 Summary of results16
4.20.3 Age distribution in Paint Industry16
4.20.4 Qualification analysis17
4.20.5 Experience in the paint Industry17
4.20.6 SAPMA modules completed18
4.20.7 Satisfaction analysis with training19
4.20.8 Scarce skill listed from respondents19

4 Chapter 520

5.20 Findings20
5.21 Conclusion20
5.3 Recommendations21

5 References22

REACHRegistration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals SAPMASouth African Paint Manufacturing Association
SAPITISouth African Paint Industry Training Institute
CHIETAChemical Industries Education & Training Authority OCCAOil, Colour Chemist Association

Chapter 1
1.1 Introduction
The Paint Industry is a well established industry in South Africa and continually growing, with the construction booming for 2010 soccer world Cup there is a higher demand for paint. The South African Building paints market earned US$ 630 million in 2006, with construction activity increases and expendable household incomes rising which was reported from Frost and Sullivan. There are continual developments taking place in manufacturing and the chemical needs for South Africa and globally is changing rapidly year on year. Changes in the Paint Industry like requirements for REACH, Ecology Friendly Paints, chemical legislation, technological development and the manufacturing of cheaper paints have exposed the skills shortage in the industry. Most of the Technical staff in the industry is old ex-employee of companies like Plascon and Dulux who provided the technical back ground for ex-employees. Most of this technical staff have established their own companies and have not passed on technical skill to junior lab staff. Also, they have not kept up with technological developments, and hence these new companies have become dependent on raw material suppliers for new technology and formulation design. Paint Technical skills is now being listed as scarce skills in South Africa and training programs are in the process of being established by CHIETA, SAPMA and stake holders within the paint industry.

1.2 The problem statement.
The lack of Technical staff in the paint industry will have a negative impact on the operational activities of the industry performance and will affect the way we respond to technological developments. 1.3 Research Objectives.

The main objectives of this article are to:
1. Investigate Function...
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