Painful Memories

Topics: Mother, Father, Family Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Tyler Martin Bodeau
English 101
10/14/2012 A Painful Past Gained Me a Solid Future

As a child life was easy and I never thought it would get cruel, that was until my parents got divorced when I was eight. A child that young can only think one thing “That it’s his/her fault.” Which is exactly how I felt, I blamed myself for their separation. On top of all that I had to make most likely the biggest decision of my life. Me, an eight year old had to decide between his father or his mother. The thought of having to pick one of your parents at that young of an age was detrimental to me. That’s when I figured out that my life was going to change forever after this one choice. Mom or dad?

At that point in time I was closer to my dad, so I decided to move away with my father. We traveled from Florida to Washington in about five days. The alterations were hitting me so fast; I was all the way on the other side of the country and I now only have my dad. So you can imagine the agony I was going through, it was rigid. We arrived to Spokane, WA on a Tuesday around 6:30PM.

My dad and I lived with my grandparents at first till we could get settled in. So in the process my dad enrolled me in school. I was the new kid, and to be honest I didn’t fit in at all. I was bullied within the first day of school because I was undersized and tubby. So now I have lost my mom, moved across the states and am being bullied in school. Life was not going great for me. I cried myself to sleep every night because I was miserable and lonely. I was eight and had no friends in this hostile environment that I found myself in.

One day at school, towards the end of the school year I finally started standing up for myself. The bully was making fun of me and then...
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