Pain Equals Success Narrative Essay

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Pain Equals Success
Emily Flores
Ms. Hellerman
English Comp. 101
February 11, 2013

Pain Equals Success
Too much pain is never enough pain. Without pain, you truly cannot feel and enjoy real success. Jade Kat, a strong influential young woman, always strived for success. She knew with success it will create obstacles and tests to ensure one is absolutely ready for their dream. What she didn’t know was that those struggles were about to hit her fast.

It all started when Jade finished her internship with a well-known successful retail company in Japan called JuJuPop, Inc. She was immediately hired to work as a fashion designer. This was only part of her dream; her real dream was to be C.E.O. As people would say, “do not get too used to things” or “it feels too good to be true” these phrases were about to make much more sense to Jade as certain situations were about to occur.

One of her coworkers, a nice swell well-groomed fellow, caught her eye at first sight. They immediately started talking and had similar hobbies, which turned into dates that turned into a potential relationship. This guy seemed so wonderful to her until she started realizing some strange activities going on with her credit card account. This prince charming was actually using her hard-earned cash to splurge on himself behind her back. She was hurt at first and did not think this would happen to her. She immediately confronted him; he admitted it and they ended their relationship. After a few months of getting back on her feet, Jade Kat was all about striving towards success. She was still working for the company for about 5 years. Her designs were being recognized by top fashionistas. Jade was so close to her dream, she could taste it.

During one of the companies fashion shows, Kobe King, one of the top of the line tuxedo designers, was checking out Jade’s wedding line and loved it. The two met for dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Japan. They went over a few of her...
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