Topics: Mind, Thought, Cognition Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: February 17, 2009
Pain The statement made by Diane Ackerman “Being able to withstand pain depends to a considerable extent on culture and tradition, “means that the pain people feel can basically be in the mind because of the way they were brought up and what they have seen and heard in their upcoming. People really don’t know anything different besides their cultures and traditions. In Diane Ackerman’s essay she provides multiple examples to prove this statement but I will only share two. The first example she provides, is when she uses mother’s having children. In our culture after giving birth we have time off to recover and rest; likewise other cultures have their children and have to go back to work the same day, this is a tradition of the way we do things differently because that’s what our culture has brought our minds up to know. The next example she uses is when people were playing a soccer game, she noticed that they didn’t really realize they were hurt until after the game or at half-time. Mrs. Ackerman explained the reason for being because the mind was so focus on the process of the game it didn’t have time to stop and think about the pain. These people are affected by their culture because they have it in branded in their mind to not feel anything until the game is over. These were two really good supporting details that proved her statement to be true. In other ways I thought of that religion and culture had a great deal with the standing of pains is when women are carrying their children. Men often state that they are feeling their mate’s pains and taking their symptoms but in all essence it’s just a mind thing because it is not possible for that to really happen. I see this as being more of a superstition religion statement brought by Post Hoc Ergo Proter Hoc. Another example you find in religion is certain people take pain as a way of healing in religion. In certain cultures people are known to have tattoo’s and different piercings to show their way of...
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