Pagbabago Ng Klima

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In this chapter, statistical results and discussion are presented. The results taken from the conduct of the study are presented in tabular as well as in textual form. Tables are described and interpreted through discussion.

The table below shows the results of the first problem “What is the demographic profile in terms of age, gender, course and year level? It presented the frequency and percentage distribution of the respondents according to their profile.

Table 1.Demograhic Profile of the Respondents

| Profile Frequency (f) Percentage (%) | | Age | |16-17 yrs old 33 17.55 | |18-19 yrs old 84 44.68 | |20 yrs old and above 71 37.77 | |Gender | |Male 38 20.21 | |Female 150 79.79 | |Course | |AB English 86 45.74 | |AB Social Science 73 38.83 | |BSAS 29 15.43 | |Year Level | |First Year 35 18.62 | |Second Year 50 26.60 | |Third Year 44 23.40 | |Fourth Year 59 31.38 | |Over- all |

Based on the table that the respondents according to 16-17 yrs old have a frequency of 33 and percentage of 17.55%, 18-19 yrs old has a frequency of 84 and percentage of 44.69% and 20 yrs old and above the frequency of 71 and percentage of 1.8.

It implies that more respondents an age of 18- 19 yrs old than 16-17 yrs old.

In terms of gender, it reflected that more than half of the respondents were female covering 150 or 79.79 of the sample respondents. It implied in the results that female usually outnumbered male in a population and was even reflected and the National Statistics Census 2007.

There were only 38 male respondents under study or 20.21% of the sample which was obviously less than half of the female respondents.

As to course profile,...
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