Topics: Injuries, Eye, Bone Pages: 4 (1075 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Bone breaks into many fragments

Compression Bone is crushed. Common in Porous bones

Broken bone portion is pressed inward.

Broken bone ends are forced into each other

Ragged break; occurs when twisting forces are applied to a bone

Bone breaks incompletely; common in children whose bones are more flexible than those of adults. Fracture
breaks in the bone

bone breaks cleanly but does not penetrate the skin

when broken bones penetrate through the skin

1.2Management of Fractures
To prevent further damage
To reduce pain
To make the patient feel comfortable
To get medical aid as soon as possible
Fractures often occur along with other injuries. So the rescuer must assess for other injuries and decide which of them requires care on priority. Heavy bleeding is more urgent and requires higher priority care over a fracture. If there is no danger to life then temporary attention to the fracture is often sufficient. Handle the patient very gently. Avoid all unnecessary movement. Treat for shock if present.

If the broken ends of the bones show out, do not wash the wound or apply antiseptics to the end of the bone. Do not handle the fracture unnecessarily.
Never attempt to reduce the fracture or to bring the bones to the normal position. Stabilise and support the injured part so that no movement is possible. This stops further injury and helps to control the bleeding. Immobilise the fracture area and the joints on both sides of the fracture site (above and below) by using bandages or by using splints wherever available. It is essential that the rescuer be familiar with the use of bandages and splints.


Don't delay medical care. Get medical help immediately.
Don't move the joint. Until you receive help, splint the affected joint into its fixed position. Don't try to move a dislocated joint or force it back into place. This can damage the...
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