Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

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  • Published : January 15, 2007
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Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha is a fictional novel that is written by Roddy Doyle. Doyle is one of the best novelists that have written this book. It won the Booker Prize, which is Britain's highest award, in 1993. This book is full of hilarious slang, colloquialisms, vulgarisms and cursing that is so vibrant and charged that it is almost musical. This book tells of an Irish boy named Patrick, who lives in Barrytown, Ireland. He and his friends always hang out together, but they always find trouble along the way. In the end, he ends up being a good student and gets to see his father again. Will Patrick learn to behave for himself? Will he ever see his father again?

The book was very interesting, but I ran over a few bumps along the way. Criticism just ran into me. A few of the pages have some foul language that people aren't aware of until they have read them. It creates a bad situation for the reader to see in his or her own minds. They have to remember those disgraceful words for most of their lifetime. When children read this type of book, it will be a disaster to their parents to hear them say these words right in front of their faces.

One commendation about this story is that it was very funny. The title, Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, the words" Ha Ha Ha," tells you that this will be a funny story. There are many surprises around every corner. Patrick and his brother, Kevin, love to play tricks on their own little brother, Sinbad. Kevin is usually the joker and very much of a prankster throughout the whole story. Sinbad is the youngest of the family. He is the only one to find a way out so he would not run into trouble. This novel touches people's hearts. Patrick's two friends, Liam and Aidan, lost their mother due to cancer. Every night they howled at the moon with their father. It just makes them feel better about themselves. Patrick and his friends thought that his father had died in an accident or something bad happened to him while he was...
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