Pact Assignment

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Discovering Interaction Design

PACT Report


This report is based on an analysis of a proposed student information screen project using PACT.


People undertake activities, in contexts using technologies.

Part A

In this assignment, I will firstly perform a PACT analysis on a proposed E campus student information screen project.

I will be doing this assignment to embed information technology into Middlesex university’s various campuses to enhance the “public” experience of the students and staff.

Installing student information screens in prominent positions around the university is an idea in which I will be focusing on bearing in mind that these information screens are to display a variety of up-to-date information of interest to students and others.

I will carry out my analysis in a correct and fair manner. To do this I will gather as much information as I can to help me build a strong conclusion. I will get my information via:


Carrying out a PACT analysis will help me understand the current situation as well as allow me to see where improvements can be made. It is also useful for design and will hopefully provide an indication of how I can build a better version in the future by allowing me to conclude with better ideas.

My PACT analysis

People - Students, lecturers and visitors to the university. Activities – How the activity is currently carried out. Context – the environment of the activity.
Technologies – the tools that are used and how new developments may be used.

My PACT analysis will consist of people, activities, contexts and technologies. The people in this case will be students, lecturers/staff and visitors to the university.

In the case of activities, I will be answering questions that arise during analysis and discussions. I will be answering questions like:

1)How is the activity currently being carried out?
2)Why is it carried out in this way?
3)What can be improved?

By the term ‘Context’, I am referring to the environment around the PACT system.

The ‘T’ in PACT is referring to the technology integrated within and around the PACT system. I will be discussing technological tools which are currently being used and thinking about how new developments may also be used.

Firstly as part of my pact analysis, I will bear in mind that people are different from one another as we a re individuals so therefore when conducting my analysis, I will be focusing primarily on two different aspects which are; physical and psychological differences.

Physical differences

There are physical differences such as height; (some people are taller/shorter than others) and sight; (some people have better vision/poorer vision than others). There are also differences in touch and many more.

Psychological differences

I feel it I s important to consider the psychological differences within people and I understand that different people learn in different ways or shall I say different people have different ways of learning.

Our minds differ from one another in terms of IQ and intelligence; we all have different memory abilities, our ability to recognize things, our ability to remember things and so on.

We also differentiate in perception and attention.

Some users may have good long term memory and other users may have good short term memory. Some users may also lack on strong short term memory.

In the second part of my analysis, I will consider the characteristics of different activities. These differences can include the timing and frequency. I will also consider whether the activities will work together with others and what happens if a problem occurs.

The system will be dealing with a lot of information. The context will be an important factor in deciding what relevant information the system will be dealing with....
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