Paco Park

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Land Use and Settlement Pattern Environment have a major impact on natural resources including water, soil, nutrients, plants and animals. Land use information can be used to develop solutions for natural resource management.

Furthermore, having a land use planning can help the researchers to evaluate park resources, documents and recommends programs for managing and conserving these resources, discusses key planning issues, indicates relevant policies, and offers proposals for future recreational and service facilities to provide for the range of public recreational needs in the park.

Here are some of the natural environments that Paco Park has:

* Paco Park is a 4,114.80 square meter recreational garden area. * Once Manila’s municipal cemetery during the Spanish colonial period. * This oval-shaped, domed chapel which are said to be a Romanesque style; was the burial place for Spanish governors, captains, generals, prelates and some members of the elite during the Spanish era in the Philippines. * What's a typical to this former Spanish cemetery is that a massive circular wall surrounds it. * There are five levels of vaults actually but now it’s just only three because of the flood so that the government raised them. * Top the third level is a walkway that connects the inner walls of the park. * At the center of the cemetery is a circular fountain.

* Open-air amphitheater that have set the stage for many occasions. * Top of the walls were made into pathways for promenades.


* Calesa (kalesa)
* Calesa came from the Spanish word “wheels”.
* Philippine life and culture will never be the same without the Kalesa. * It is part of Philippine history and its importance can never be ignored. Despite the challenges of modernization, the Kalesa will always provide a unique mode of transport that is environmentally friendly. * How to get there:

* In sections of Manila like Binondo in Chinatown and Intramuros, you can usually see the Calesa. * Tourists' payment for Kalesa from Intramuros or Binondo will be depending on its distance to Paco Park.

* Pedicab

* Categorized in many ways:
* The motorized tricycle;
* Engine-powered (kuliglig);
* The open-air pedicab (provides shade when needed).
* The cycle rickshaw is a small-scale local means of transport; *  Human-powered, a type of tricycle designed to carry passengers in addition to the driver. *  They are often used on a for hire basis.

*  They are used mainly to ferry passengers short distances along smaller, more residential streets. * It is also used for transporting cargo too heavy to carry by hand and over a distance too short or roads too congested for motor transport. * During rainy seasons, they are useful as a way to avoid walking through flood waters. * How to get there:

* As directions aforementioned, riding a pedicab in the corner streets of UN Avenue and Padre Faura is a better way if you are not familiar with place. It will bring you directly to the park and the payment is depends upon of how far or near you are in an area.

* Jeepney

*  Jeepney is a combination of the words "jeep" and "Knee"(from its knee to knee sitting) * This kind of public vehicle is a cheapest one to go in a designated place. They have become a ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture. * How to get there:

* Take any jeepney there that has a sign "Divisoria, PGH, SM Manila, Manila City Hall" (which will pass there). Drop at Padre Faura Street.  * The landmark is Manila Science High School. Walk your way through Padre Faura St. and at the end, you will come directly to PACO PARK. * Bicycle

* Bicycles have been and are employed for many uses:
* Utility
* Work
* Recreation
* Racing
* Military
* Entertainment and Performance

* How to get there:...
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