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D. Murali and M.S kulkarni (2007) conducted a study on “Awareness of housewives regarding food Adulteration in parbhani of Maharashtra state”. In this study they analyse the level of awareness among housewives regarding food adulteration.

It was found out that all the housewives preferred home made foods item because of their freshness, better colour, texture, and flavour. It was suggested that the food stuffs should be purchased from well reputed shops. Easy methods should be devised to detect the adulterants at house hold level and all the people should be educated regarding the ill effects of food adulteration.

Mohamed Shaw Alem (2008) carried a study on “Consumer Behaviour towards Instant Cooking Food Products in Madurai City”. He has suggested that number of factors influence purchase decision such as his family size, price, advertisement education level, income children and spouse employment. The instant cooking food products are one of the rescues of modern man in improving his life style. The products have wide scope in marketing.

S. Sukumar (2008) in his research article title “Consumer Behaviour toward Instant food Products in Madurai has examined the data collected from the buyers of instant food products in Madurai” has examined the data collected from the buyers of instant food products. The study has aimed at analyzing the awareness, attitude, and purchase behaviour of consumers. The study revealed that easy preparation, good taste, savings in time, hygiene, economy and nutritional value as the motional factors that induce people to buy the Instant food products. He has concluded that the instant food products are found today in the kitchen shelves of every Indian house hold. He has expressed that preparing food with instant mixes has become a way life and they are going to be an integral point of food habit in future.

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