Packaging on Consumer Buying Behavior

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Consumer Attitude Toward Mobile
Starting from background of the research area and why this study is important, this section of the study will continue with necessary definitions of the terms which will be used in this research. Additionally, this section will present problem discussion to enlighten the reader about current situation of the study area. Finally outline of the thesis will be shown to inform the reader about what will be encountered in the upcoming chapters of this study.

After high penetration of the internet, mobile broadband subscription rate also increased dramatically. Subscriptions of mobile broadband outnumbered the subscriptions of broadband by 2008, which is indicating tremendous potential for mobile internet (International Telecommunication Union, 2009). Another research conducted by ITU (International Telecommunication Union, 2010) shows that 90% of the world population has internet access, and 80% of people who is living in rural areas also have internet access.

Different reasons are playing a role in rise of mobile devices usage, according to Grant et al., (2007) Improvements in mobile technology, and integration of data, video and audio context in one mobile device absolutely increased the usage of mobile devices. Flexibility in communication and information sharing became possible with improvements in mobile technology and integration of internet and computing in to mobile medium (Siau et al., 2005). The possibility of reaching the information anytime and anywhere triggered the improvements of mobile devices lately (Deans, 2005).

Grant also states that potential of interaction with consumer, target marketing and managing consumer relationship made mobile devices especially important channel for marketers (Grant et al., 2007). Mobile services and marketing has become powerful source for marketing communication and distribution (Nysveen et al., 2005). Backed up marketing activities with mobile devices provide companies an opportunity to directly communicate with consumers anytime, anywhere (Haghirian et al., 2005).

Internet has been used as an effective channel by companies for building and managing consumer relationship (Deans, 2005). With the mobile internet, marketing opportunities are defined by different authors like Ahonen, (2002) that when mobile internet subscriptions outnumber the broadband subscriptions mobile internet will have the larger potential audience. Marketing potential of the mobile devices also found by Friedrich et al., (2009) as, probably mobile medium have more potential

* Mobile Technology
Certainly mobile technologies have a very crucial and important impact on today’s businesses (Haghirian et al., 2005). As a result mobile technologies are providing many opportunities for marketing activities, especially direct communication opportunity with consumers anytime, anywhere (Haghirian et. al., 2008). Latest improvements in an area of internet and wireless technology during the late 1990s paved the way for unique telecommunication service mobile internet (Okazaki, 2005).

According to Siau et al., (2005) Mobile technology holds great strategic importance, and it is integrating internet and computing into wireless environment, and improving the communication, information sharing and interworking. Even mobile phones and assistive networks seem to be dominant mobile commerce providers, other technologies and devices will probably have important role in mobile commerce soon (Balasubramanian et al., 2002). For instance, there are new devices that combine mobile phones and personal digital assistants’ (PDA) features in one device (ibid).

Guo et al., 2010:

“Mobile communication devices, such as cell phones, laptops, PDAs, etc., have provided people with new approaches to accessing web contents, emails, instant messaging, and commerce services in a convenient and flexible fashion which fully takes the advantages of...
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