Pacific Islanders

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  • Published : November 22, 2011
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Forrest Dabb
Pacific Islanders

What Do I Know About Pacific Islanders?

I didn’t know what a Pacific Islander was tell I was about the age of 10. I was warming up for a football game and someone asked me who the big Polynesian player on the team was. I didn’t understand so that night I asked my parents what a Polynesian was and they explained to me that it is a race from the islands. Since then I have had a great chance to learn a lot about two of the cultures from the pacific islands. Football has made it really easy for me to get to meet Polynesians and make friends with them. I went to Bingham high school and it started out with my friend Derek Tuimauga moving in the neighborhood and after that all of his cousins started moving in before I knew it middle school came and we had a lot more diversity in the class rooms. The two cultures I have had the chance to get to know is the Tongan and Samoan cultures. I would hang out with my poly friends every week learning more about them every time we were together.

I think that there is a lot of very bad stereotypes for the Polynesian people. Some of the stereotypes I have heard are that Tongans eat the horse which can be true but is also offensive. Polynesians are known to be lazy, eat a lot, late, and large. Some good stereotypes are good at sports, very generous, family oriented. All though some of these stereotypes are true they are wrong to judge because most of them do not apply to the Pacific Islander.

Whenever I go over to my friends house the family is always really welcoming and feeds me even if im not hungry they insist. Some of the usual food they have for me includes pig, taro, chicken and rice, octopus, beef, pork, macaroni salad, pagi popo, simeni, chicken catsu, palusami, musubi. Most of the food I have eaten has been great, the only thing about the food is that it tastes so good because of all the fat that is in the food.

Whenever I hear the term Pacific islanders I think of...
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