Pablo Neruda

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Pablo Neruda was a communist poet. The Chilean won the Nobel Prize in Literature 1971. He wrote The Captain’s Verses in 1952 while he was in exile with his secret lover Matilde Urrutia on the island of Capri. The Captain’s Verses was a collection of his Love Poems that expresses Pablo’s different emotions to his love and the beautiful nature. From the book, we can see how Plabo treasured the time living with Matlide in the adorable exotic place. We can feel his passion, his pain, and his rage. His love poems were permeated with dense patriotism and his homesickness for Chile. Matilde was a singer. Her life was changed after she fell in love with Pablo, the most important person in her life. It would never be easy to stay with a communist. With her faith of love, she had gone through a lot of danger with Pablo and she was also Pablo’s good helper. They had countless sweet and unforgettable moments. Pablo was dead in soon after the military coup of Chile in 1973. They were separated forever since then. The military government treated Maltide as an influential figure in the country because she was the widow of a communist. She had a choice to leave this Chile but she decided to keep on going Pablo’s path and stay in Pablo’s home. Finally, she was able to publish Pablo’s work and write her own memoir. In her memoir, she told her legendary love with Pablo and the struggles she had faced. We can see their love on both Pablo’s poem and Maltide’s memoir. We can see their own perspective in their work. The memoir is a compliment to the poem that everything written by Pablo did happen to Maltide. She gave response and opinion to these experiences. In this essay, I’m going to analyze “The Soldier’s Love” in The Captain’s Verses from Plabo’s perspective and the view of Maltide’s memoir My Life with PABLO NERUDA. “The Soldier’s Love “was written to Maltide. It is in free verse and there are ten stanzas. The tone of this poem is passionate and it sounds...
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