Pablo Neruda

Topics: English-language films, Public administration, Urban decay Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Class Make-Up Assignment
10 April 2013
Due: Monday 15 April 2012

In lieu of (instead of) our second class on urban services, I would like for you to answer the following questions and submit them to me in hard copy in class on Monday 15 April. These are individual assignments – and not group work. Common or copied answers will result in a failing grade. Please read the following article from yesterday’s Daily Star entitled “Easy Illegally” by Morshed Ali Khan and Anisur Rahman: and answer the following questions: 1. How much do slum dwellers in the Shyampur area have to pay for an illegal water connection? 2. Why are housing owners in the Shyampur area with legal connections not happy about this? 3. How many illegal water connections are there believed to be in the capital? 4. What is meant by “system loss” and what is the estimated system loss in water in the capital? Imagine that you are an executive engineer for a WASA zone. A local political leader comes to your office and informs you that he will be running unofficial water lines to a new slum community within your jurisdiction. He tells you that your cooperation would be appreciated and hands you an envelope with money. He points out that the job of a public servant is to serve the people and that the people of this community desperately need water. 5. What are the reasons to cooperate with the local leader? 6. What are the reasons not to cooperate?

7. What would you do?
You should have already read the following article in the course pack for our urban services class: “Governance of Urban Services in Dhaka City.” In The State of Governance in Dhaka City, 2011. Dhaka. Institute of Governance Studies: 87-108. Based on the reading, please answer the following questions:

8. According to Hirshman 1970 what three options do citizens have when they are dissatisfied with the public services they are receiving?...
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