paano sinakop ng amerikano ang pilipinas

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  • Published : November 21, 2013
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How to make the Men’s Long Sleeve Polo
Measurements Needed:
Polo Full Length
Sleeve Length
Arm hole

Front, Back & Yoke
A -Starting line
A – B2 ½ inches down
B – C 2 ½ inches down
B – DFull length, add 1 inch for D1
B – E½ chest scale
E – F½ chest scale, plus 2 inches
D – G½ chest scale, plus 2 inches
B – H1/8 chest scale
B – I1/6 chest scale
J -Intersection of H & J. Shape the back neck.
B – K½ shoulder plus ½ inch, plus ¾ inch upward.
Connect to J
K – LMake the armhole line for back
K – MMake the armhole line for front.
Shape the front & back armhole.

K – N3 ½ inches down to armhole line.
Cut B – J – K – N. Fold the cut part.
Re-shape the upper armhole if needed.
O -Same as J if folded
O – PBack neck minus the ½ neckline measurement.
Be sure that the back and front neck measures
½ of your neckline measurement.
P – Q1 inch outward.
Q – RIntersection of Q & D1
G – S 2 ½ inches upward or desired.
Shape the Bottom.

A -Starting point. Square both ways
A – B4-5 inches down
A – CSleeve length minus 2 inches or desired for cuff.
Square all points.
C – D½ wrist measurement plus 1 inch
A – EArmhole measurement. Taken from the armhole
Of the shirt pattern. Shape the armhole.
Connect E & D.

A – B2 inches or desired cuff length
A – C½ wrist measurement + ½ inch
B – Dsame as A – C
Connect all sides (See Figure)

A – B½ of neckline measurement
A – C2 or 2 ½ inches upward
C – Dsame as A – B
A – E½ inch upward
D – F½ inch away
F – G½ inch upward

A – B1 ¼ upward
A – C½ of neckline measurement + ½ inch
B – DSame as A – C
B – C½ inches downward
C – E3 / 8 upward
(See figure)

How to make the Men’s Tailored Pants
Measurements Needed:
Pants Waist
Hip 2
Thigh Circumference
Knee Circumference
Bottom Width
Pants Length...
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