P6 Legal and Ethical Issues of Business Communications

Topics: Security, Information security, Computer security Pages: 3 (717 words) Published: June 12, 2011
BTEC Level 3 Diploma Business
Unit 4: Business Communications
Legal and Ethical issues of Business Communication Process
What are the operational issues in relation to using ICT in the College and how does the organization deal with them? * Introduction - What your report is about
In this task, I will be talking about the legal and ethical issues of business communications process. I will be explaining the security of information, backups, healthy and safety, organizational policies and business continuous plans. * What are the operational issues that a business will encounter in its business communication? * Security of information

Information security management deals with maintaining the integrity and availability of organizational information and knowledge. Much information security management focuses upon digital data; however, the subject also covers records and knowledge management.

It is important for the college to have the right information available as and when they need it, in order to make good decisions. For this reason, many colleges (schools) keep their information on IT systems, but as the reliance on technology increases, so does the risk posed by system failure and malicious attacks (for example, viruses).

The IT security policy should take account of the common risks to the information that the college relies upon. This policy might include secure login identification for using IT system and controls that limit access to information.

* Backups
Large businesses have developed business community programmes to try to minimize the risk of losing vital college information stored on IT service. This involves producing backups of information’s stored on the servers – some schools will create a backup every hour, while others will do so less frequently this means that if the live information is destroyed or damaged, a copy is available so the business can continue with as little description...
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