P6 Internet Marking

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P6 Challenges

Security – Process, Physical evidence

Security is highly important in many businesses, security is a protection on a business from threats that they may face. There are many types of security Puma should look into securing and safeguarding such as security for payment, customer confidential documents security, etc. Since in business customers will clearly be buying from Puma so they have to input their details and buy online. Puma should increase their security by inputting high security measures such as Firewalls, virus protection, systems that are anti hacking, and a secure record that decreases the threats of hackers. So this will result in customers being satisfied with Puma and will create customers to feel safe and gain trust in them in providing their details to them online. A business permitting online transactions is a high risk and challenge to take as this means that Puma will have to plan and develop a business strategy to decrease any risks. Puma could put in place passwords and secret codes to make security impossible for any threats such as hackers to hack or steal any important confidential information. Online transaction is important for Puma if they did not use it their rivals will and their rivals could use it as an advantage over Puma. “Computer users need Internet security to protect vital information that can be used in identity theft and to prevent viruses from damaging or burden their PCs” http://www.ehow.com/

Competition – Dynamic Pricing

Competition is mainly about customers having trust in the business and the business capability to compete with main rivals such as Adidas and Nike. Puma’s competition aim is to become the number one clothing retail organisation in ranking, also in a process of competing with their main rivals Adidas and Nike who both also battle to be in first and second place in the rankings. Competition means to provide the best for customers so that their customers will increase and existing customers to return. To effectively compete means that Puma will gain increase in for example more Trust, security and memorability from customer’s aspects, so this has to be important as Puma reputation is the importance of the business. Puma needs to set a right price online so that the role of internet marketing creates an increase in customers for them leading to increase in sales and profit. Puma should think about how their products should be priced online so for example they need to see how much their competitors are pricing a similar product as them. They need to put in an average price that makes customers satisfied. Dynamic pricing is another effective to Puma as it will increase sales for example a Puma tracksuit is sold for £40 at Puma whereas at JJB it is sold for £47 so this will help customers to choose the cheaper priced similar product. “Customer only search for a cheap product which is similar sold by different businesses” www.businessknowhow.com

24/7 Accessibility - Place

24/7 Accessibility is beneficial as I have already said, however it also has downfalls such as in technology as the website is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Accessibility can be very difficult to manage/control this continuous accessibility if you don’t have a strategy that defends your personal time. This accessibility will require different staff to work different shifts for 24/7 period, this is a challenge Puma faces as they need to run the business 24/7. “A business that is running 24/7 will create sales and profit at any time as it is reachable online worldwide”.

“24/7 will provide access for customers who wish to shop a time they admire and customers living abroad” www.ehow.com

Globalisation – Place

The global crises pushed Puma to slow down and protect the company. Global markets were hit by the worst economic crisis in 60 years

· Collapse of Financial Markets

· Severe Recession From 2007-2009

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