P6 Business Enviroment

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Limitations and constraints on marketing activities

Task 1

Read each of the examples of marketing activities that might be carried out by business in the table below. For each example suggest a law that the business might be breaking and the reason why.

|Example |Possible legislation being broken and why | |A picture on the packaging that shows better quality ingredients |Sales of goods act, as they are advertising better products than what is actually in | |than those used in the product. |the product. | |Passing on electronic details to a third party without obtaining |Data protection act, as they will need the consumer’s permission. | |consent. | | |Changing the interest rate on a credit card without notifying the |Consumer credit act, as they are being deceitful over the rise in interest rates. | |cardholder. | | |Advertising that states, ‘Using this product will increase your |Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, this is because they are being | |lifespan by 10 years’. |dishonest over the product which they are selling. | |A pub selling pints of beer that are short of being |Sales of goods act, as they have to sell products which are as they are described and | |a pint. |as a satisfactory quality which this isn’t. | |A supermarket...
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