P4 Use Marketing Research for Marketing Planning)

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Task 1
(P4 use marketing research for marketing planning)
-75% want more children’s sandwiches
-82% want the shop to be open longer
-65% said the staff was unfriendly
-50% said the contents of the sandwiches could be fresher
-80% said they would prefer more wraps

SWOT Analysis

- Because Mr. Khan has carried out the market research on his competitors his can adjust his own store make sure it meets the requirements that the customers need such as making sure his staff are friendly and help when serving customers.

-The weaknesses of Mr. Khan’s sandwich shop is that there is already a shop in the area with a minimum of 200 customers which may make it harder for him to start getting customers especially if the store has a large amount of loyal customers. Also if there is one shop there may more which could mean he has set up his business in a bad area.

- To widen the range of sandwiches available in his shop, more children’s sandwiches will bring more customers in with young children also to start making more types of wraps so that there is a larger selection of food available in store bringing more customers through the door therefore increasing sales and profits.

- By keeping his store open longer than other stores in the area he can potentially gain more customers from other store and perhaps find new customers who use his store nearer to closing time.

-If Mr. Khan was able to source all of the contents of his sandwiches locally and use that as promotion so that he has the freshest ingredients because it can bring more customers.

- Any new shops that are opening can be a potential threat and steal customers from his store because they may give better service, products or their prices may be lower. - Also if there are any supermarkets around the area that sell sandwiches because they sell them at much lower prices than he can so there is threat of the supermarkets stealing customers

Smart Objectives

80% said they would prefer more wraps
-To develop a new line of wrap based product to sell in store Perhaps look into other stores to do some market research to see what type’s food sells and whether wraps are selling or not. Then on the research that he has carried out create a new menu of sandwiches that include a selection of wraps, also Mr. Khan could introduce the wrap with a special offer like a meal deal, half price or buy one get free. Mr. Khan could also do a festive menu on the way up to Christmas

82% want the shop to be open longer
-Keep the store open from 7:00am until 4:00pm for lunch and breakfast also perhaps open it for a two hours in the evening to increase and make a minimum of 60 sales per day Increase the amount of sales he makes in a day by doing a meal deal that would draw more people into his store daily also if he was to keep the store open for longer than he could get more sales in the later hours of the afternoon when didn’t use to be open. Mr. Khan could also open it for a few hours in the evening to see if he could get any sales then.

65% said the staff was unfriendly
-Gain 30 regulars that use the store 3-5 times week in the first two months By employing more friendly staff that interact with customers so his store becomes a more friendly place with better atmosphere, this may mean that customer could his shop more often and regularly in their work place so that Mr. Khan knows he has got at least 30 guarantied sales every day.

50% said the contents of the sandwiches could be fresher
-Source all ingredients that are used in sandwiches locally e.g. local farms and butchers. By Mr. Khan sourcing all of the contents of his sandwiches and ingredients locally from local farms, grocers and butchers also perhaps use organic fruit and vegetables. Then promoting in his store and on the menu that he uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients in his food may bring in more customers.

75% want more...
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