P3 Unit 1 Btec Business

Topics: Charitable organization, Customer, Cancer research Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Organisational Structure
The structure of an organisation is the sum total of the ways in which it divides its labour into distinct tasks and then achieves co-ordination. Tesco Legal Structure
Because Tesco is a big company would have a lot of legal structures to make sure that business is operating properly. One legal structure of Tesco is the ‘Corporate governance’, the people in this sector deal with shareholders; they do this to make sure Tesco is achieving the strategies that the shareholders want them to achieve. For the community the company has responsibilities to make sure that it reduces using carbon footprints this means the business doesn’t produce a huge amount of carbon dioxide. The Legal Services deal with any business legal matter that Tesco would have to deal with. The Licensing team makes sure that every store has an alcohol licence and to make sure that it is legal. Because Tesco is a big company their size will be big so Tesco would have a lot of branches and subdivisions. The size of Tesco depends on how much revenue the business has if the business has a large amount of revenue the business size will be big. Tesco culture is to sell goods and products to customers it is mostly groceries food drink etc. but Tesco developed and started selling clothing electronics etc. The purpose of the business is to provide good customer service to their customer and to sell goods and make profit. Tesco mission statement is to provide good customer service to customer and to make sure their customers are happy. Tesco Functional Structure

Cancer Research Legal Structure
Because Cancer Research is a charity orgainsation that doesn’t benefit from profit the legal structure will be different compared to orgainsation which goal is to ear profit. One legal structure of Cancer Research is the group to deal with costs, because this business is a non-profit so they would need to decide how to use their finance because most of their finance is...
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