P3 Equality, Diversity and Sociological Perspectives

Topics: Discrimination, Prejudice, Adultism Pages: 4 (981 words) Published: November 29, 2012


In this task, discrimination will be defined, levels of discrimination and its clear knowledge and understanding of the consequences. The potential effects of discrimination on service users in Dungrowin House will be described. These discriminatory practices on service users’ motivation, self-esteem, behaviour and opportunities will be looked at.

Discrimination could be define as single out a particular person or group for worse or better treatment than others, according to Penguin Group dictionary (2004). It is against the law to discriminate service users in Health and Social care. According to Stretch and Whitehouse (2010), discrimination is when one person treats another person or group unfairly, by not giving them equal treatment based on their prejudice. There are other ways in which service users can be discriminated against. These could be age, class, culture, gender, health status, race, religion and sexuality.

Discrimination can occur in all this forms. In Dungrowin house, both the practising Jew and HIV positive service users are being discriminated against. The service users suffer discrimination based on their culture and health status. Most of the nursing staffs in Dungrowin house may not be comfortable with the practising Jew or the HIV positive service users and may discriminate against them.

There are three levels of discrimination that service users have suffered in Dungrowin house. They are individual level, institutional level and cultural level. These discriminatory practices have potential effects on the service users in Dungrowin house.

Individual level discrimination: This happens where a person is single out and treated differently, negatively. This may include violence, insults and exclusions. In Dungrowin house, service users may suffer this level of discrimination especially the practicing Jew and HIV positive service users. The practicing Jew may...
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