P2 – Describe the Four Main Tissue Types in the Body

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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The Cell
P2 – Describe the four main tissue types in the body
Inside the body, there are four mains types of tissue which include the Epithelial, Muscular, Nervous and Connective. Tissues are known as groups of cells which have a certain structure to retain a specific job. Epithelial Tissue covers the body surface and forms the lining for most internal cavities. It protects our insides, it’s known as the skin. It also absorbs in the intestinal lining and stomach, otherwise known as the gut. It also filters in the kidneys and secretes(forms glands). Epithelial cells are attached to each other closely forming a protective barrier and have no blood vessels but can soak up nutrients from blood vessels in connective tissue from underneath. It protects the body from dirt, dust, bacteria and other microbes which could harm you. It is innervated which means it has a lot of nerves in it and it is very good at regenerating for example having a grazed knee or sunburn. It also protects the main organ which is the heart, from rubbing against and harming the lobes in the heart against lungs. It gives us an extra barrier for security and saves the heart from many different injuries and also helps protect the upper body around the heart area. Connective Tissue is internal support for our organs, it protects them and wraps around them like a cushion. It stores nutrients and runs through the organs’ capsules and inside deep layers of the skin. These tissues have some sort of supporting role, which include bone, tendons, blood, adipose and cartilage. There are three different categories for connective tissue; Supportive connective tissues are like bone and cartilage, Fluid connective tissues are like the blood and Connective Tissue proper are both loose and dense connective tissue, which links the tissues together. Bones support the lungs and protect from injury. Elastic connective tissue is also found in the lungs and is able to extend like an elastic band when forced....
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