P2: Describe the Different Stakeholders Who Influence the Purpose of Two Contrasting Business

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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| Eden Project| Coca-Cola|
Customers | The money that the customers spend is important because it helps to carry on their work in the future. As the customers know that the Eden Project is for charity, they are not so concerned about how much they spend as they know that the money goes towards a good cause. Customers that come from Devon and Cornwall are offered a reduced price. | A large amount of customers are key to ensuring that Coco-Cola have high profits. This means that Coca-Cola will want to make sure their products are of a good quality to ensure business in future. Coca –Cola will want to ensure customers choose them over their nearest rival for example, Pepsi. So they would try to stand out from other rivals. | Employees | An important factor for the Eden Project is the job satisfaction as employees would be proud that they work for a small charity. Also the Eden Project will also take on volunteers into their organisation. The Eden Project will need to make sure that the volunteers are motivated, so they can see the value of the work that they do. Furthermore, even though they don’t get paid they will be motivated as it is for a good cause. | Coca-Cola is a well know large organisation therefore they do not want any negative publicity about how their employees have been treated. However in the past Coca-Cola has had bad publicity, as they tried to prevent trade union membership are some countries, the outcome of this is likely to lower staff moral and decrease productivity. Job satisfaction and motivation is just as important to Coca- Cola. Because if there is no motivation then the product would be not at a high stranded. | Suppliers | The suppliers that the Eden Project usesare local which is to minimise transport pollution and to support the local community.| Coca-Cola uses suppliers from different parts of the world which means that the costs are low as the supplier are from abroad. In order to have a successful relationship with...
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