P2- Describe the Different Stakeholders Who Influence the Purpose of Two Contrasting Businesses

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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P2- describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses Ralph Thoresby School
The school has lots of stakeholders that play a part inside the school this does not always mean that they have to be is shareholders or even that they own the business. A stakeholder can be in this case a student, parents, teacher, head teacher, government and the local area and shops. It is just someone that is affected by that business. All of these vary in the amount of influence they have in the running of the school, some can’t be run without them and others can run for a limited amount of time without them. Students and parents are the customers of this business because they are the ones that are getting the service given to them in the form of getting taught and being given knowledge. Schools have to fill a quota of students otherwise they will have to shut down, this mean that without the students the school would have to just shut down. They attract students by holding things like open evening, extra curricular activities, websites and visits to primary schools. These things that they do are not mandatory for the schools but it is a very competitive business since they are so many schools just in one area. This all means that they have a massive influence on the school since schools are actually made for the students. Without the students there would no point in having a school, it would make the business pointless. Also if the school didn’t do things like the open evenings and the visits to primary school they would most likely be very under there quota for students and have to shut down, the rest of the students would be sent else where. Teaching staff are the employees of the business and they consist of the SLT, the head teacher and the teaching assistants. They teach the lessons and mange the day to day life of the whole school and make sure each day goes smoothly. There are also the MITIE staff who actually own the building...
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