P1: Why Children and Young People Might Need to Be Looked After

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P1: Why children and young people might need to be looked after

Definition of ‘looked after’

The definition of ‘looked after’ is when a child is cared for by social service, it either happens with a court order maybe because of an abuse or with the agreement of the parent. “The term ‘looked after children and young people’ is generally used to mean those looked after by the state, according to relevant national legislation which differs between England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This includes those who are subject to a care order or temporarily classed as looked after on a planned basis for short breaks or respite care. The term is also used to describe ‘accommodated’ children and young people who are looked after on a voluntary basis at the request of, or by agreement with, their parents. We refer to these children as "children in care" http://www.nspcc.org.uk/Inform/resourcesforprofessionals/lookedafterchildren/introduction_wda88884.html Reasons why children and young people might be need to be looked after. * Bereavement: most look after children will have experienced so many disruptions in their lives. This may include painful experiences such as family bereavement. As a result the children's education may become affected and they may be below their expected class average. This will have caused from poor concentration, the child may also need specific help in their work and class before any sort of progress can be made. 

* Parental illness: A child may need to be looked after because their parents may be ill or cannot cope and as a result the child may have to leave the family home for a period of time. Throughout this time they may live in foster homes, residential schools or children's homes.

* Family breakdown: Families break down for a number of reasons including the following substance abuse, mental health problems, bereavement, parental illness and incapacity. The most dangerous cause of a child being removed from the...
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