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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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| Type of |Example |Description |Purpose | |information | | | | |Verbal |Telephone, Face to face |Telephones are used to conduct live conversations with another |Telephones are used in Lambeth Academy for teachers to | | |meetings |individual. |contact each other and to call parents when necessary. | | | |Face to face meetings are where two individuals have a |Face to face can be used to give students feedback for | | | |conversation where they can both see each other face to face. |their work. | |Written |Letters, Reports |A Letter is a written form of communication which is read by an |Lambeth Academy use letters in order to inform parents | | | |individual which is presented on paper. |of any information that is vital for them to see. | | | |A report is a written form of communication that is which is |Reports are used by Lambeth Academy to inform parents | | | |made with the intention of based on recent events. |about their child’s current progress in school. | |On-screen |TV Commercials, Plasma screens |A TV Commercial is a way of portraying a message to potential |Lambeth Academy don’t use TV commercials as they aren’t| | |for digital display |customers in order to gain awareness. |a large organisation that needs to attain awareness | | | |In a firm, plasma screens can be very useful as they can portray|from the public. This form of communication isn’t | | | |messages for employees as they walk passed. This enables to keep|necessary as Lambeth Academy doesn’t need to compete | | | |up to date on current notices. |with a rival. | | | | |Plasma screens are useful to Lambeth academy as they | | | | |use them in order to deliver important messages and | | | | |achievements for students. This can motive them to work| | | | |harder. | |Multimedia |Web Conferencing, Internet |Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings through the |Web conferencing isn’t a means of communicating | | | |internet. This is a very useful way of communicating with |information in Lambeth Academy as we don’t have the | | | |someone if they’re not in the same region as you. Web |technology in order to do so. | | | |conferencing involves using sound vision through a webcam and |The internet can be very useful in a class room. For...
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