P1 Explain the Role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in a Health and Social Care Contect

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Assignment Title: unit 1 developing effective communication in health and social care

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Definition of explain: Make (an idea, situation, or problem) clear to

someone by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant

facts or ideas.

Developing effective communication in health and social care

environments is vital as to ensure that a project or task is done

correctly, Communication helps you and patients/residents

understand each other and what needs to be done, without this

you may end up telling the incorrect information to a

patient/work partner or the patient/work partner may not get the

correct message and end up doing something incorrect.

P1 The Positive aspects of communication in a health and social care


1.building trust: If your communication techniques are done correctly

towards staff and service users this can lead to building trust with each

other, trust is vital in health and social care setting due to many

people depending on their health and care to be attended to by

unknown people, example; when you’re giving patients medicine or

information to help there health, if there isn’t any trust or a lot of the

patient may feel unsafe or unsure to take the medicine or advice given,

however this can also lead to the patients self esteem being effect as if

they feel vulnerable in the first place then to be given information from

some one they don’t trust may lead to them doubting the advise or

feeling like they there unsafe and not worthy enough of the correct

advise nor medicine.

2.bulding relationships: this is critical in health and social care

Environments as if you don’t build relationships with the staff and

service users so you can understand what people want and why they

want it, and also to make people feel comfortable and safe, if this isn’t

done correctly service users and staff may begin to feel unwanted and

the environment of a health and care setting placements can frighten

them, leaving with low self esteem about them self and also they may

persuade them self that they are un safe in those settings ,resulting in

them not returning often, therefore could effect their health.

3.vulnerability:Good communication can build to helping the service users or even the staff to feel less vulnerable, many people would feel vulnerable In health and social care setting as they’d have to put their trust and health into some one else’s hands and that can leave them feeling vulnerable due to the lack of control and having to open up and become very personal to some one they may not know very well or have even met for the first time. So by the communication being used appropriately then can be received to the service user, this can help them open up and feel more at ease knowing that they are safe and being treated for accordingly.

4. to respond appropriately: If you respond correctly to an services users questions or needs they will feel respected and safe, unlike if you didn’t by being rude and seeming un-interested, they’d start to feel worried as this is their health in your hands, also if you a don’t respond correctly to them about there medicine or what they need to do they could end up doing the...
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