P1 Business Resources Unit 2

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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The recruitment documents for the post of a teacher

*Advert-a paid/free announcement in newspapers or magazines, internet, TV or radio, etc. Which main purpose it’s to attract people and get their attention.

The advert should help the organization to find the right people for the post they need. It will also should help the candidates to find their dream/wanted job. Good advertisement is always helpful for finding good candidates.

*Job Description-sets out the purpose of a job, where the job fits into the organization structure, the main duties and responsibilities of the job and the key tasks to be performed.

All employees like to know what is expected of them. Job description can also be a great value to employers. Creating a job description often results in a thought process that helps determine how critical the job is, how this particular job relates to the others and identify the characteristics needed by a new employee filling the role. Using a job description will also help the organization to better understand the experience and sill base needed to enhance the success of the company. Often, there is a misunderstanding of what a position entails and a well-prepared job description cam help both sides share a common understanding.

*Personal Specification- is a recruitment which is useful when writing a job advertisement and defining the qualities you are looking for in a candidate.

Personal Specification enables the employer to profile the ideal person to fill the job. It is important that the skills, experience and knowledge included are absolutely relevant to the need of the job. It can be tempting when creating the ‘’perfect employee’’ specification to inflate these requirements. This then runs the risk that someone may be employed on the basis of false hopes and aspirations. The result of it will be unhappiness for both employer and employee. Another reason not to set unnecessary requirements is to avoid any possibility of...
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