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Nigel Rayford
October 23, 2011
English pre-ib
3 period

“ And to seal his prayer, farseeing Zeus sent down a sign. He launched two eagles soaring high from a mountain ridge
and down they glided, borne on the wind’s draft a moment,
wing to wingtip, pinions straining taut till just
above the assembly’s throbbing hum they whirled,
suddenly, wings thrashing, wild onslaught of wings
and banking down at the crowd’s heads-a glaring, fatal sign- talons slashing each other, tearing cheeks and throats
they swooped away on the right through homes and city.
All were dumstruck, watching the eagles trail from sight,
people brooding, deeply, what might come to pass…” (2.164-75)
I chose this because it shows the strength of the gods, Zeus got his pay back to the people because Telemachus said that they should be punish for trying to do this to his family while his dad is gone. Just like that Zeus punish them by sending 2 eagles on them from the mountains. The eagles scratch them up face an body, just like Telemachus asked Zeus to pay them back he sure did as a powerful God like Zeus would.

Zeus showed his power to the people, Gods in the story will show their strength all the time. It’s important to the book because in the book the Gods most of the time answer people’s request. Zeus helped Telemachus as Athena helps Odysseus so the gods are helping as long as you respect them and they answer your prayers.

For my design to describe the scene I used a box to begin with. Now the box represents like the sky. I put real grass an green construction paper to seem like grass in the town. The mountain in the background that Zeus sent the eagles from resembles the story. The little hose would somewhat represent Telemachus house. I picked that one because back then they didn’t have all fancy houses. That is why it has like grass on the roof because that was used back then to help make it an twigs an wood. The collectors that told his mom and...
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