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Topics: Oxygen, Oxygen therapy, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Quinnipiac University Diagnostic Imaging
RS 298L
Oxygen Delivery Systems - Review Assignment

NAME: _______Erika Barnett______________

1. Adequate oxygen is essential to ___life_____.
2. Oxygen cannot be stored in the body; supply from external environment must be ____obtained___________. 3. Lungs supply oxygen and remove ___Carbon Dioxide_____. 4. A major supply of oxygen is carried in combination with ____hemoglobin____________. 5. Effectiveness of pulmonary function is determined by lab testing of blood called __________________________. 6. ______Hypoxemia_____________ occurs when levels of oxygen in arterial blood are inadequate to meet physiologic needs 7. _______Hypercapnea____________ occurs when carbon dioxide is retained in arterial blood. 8. A _______Pulse Oximeter__________________ is used to monitor SaO2 (oxygen saturation of hemoglobin). 9. Normal SaO2 values are _______96% - 99%_______________. 10. SaO2 values of less than _____85_______% indicate that tissues are not receiving adequate oxygen. 11. Oxygen is a medication and must be _____prescribed by a physician__________. 12. Oxygen supports _____fire___________. Use caution with spark or flame. 13. Excessive amounts of oxygen produce _____toxic___________ effects. 14. Oxygen is piped into patient rooms, post-anesthesia areas, emergency suites, and the diagnostic imaging department. The central source supplies _______60-80___ pounds of pressure/square inch. 15. A _____flow____________ meter is attached to oxygen piped through rooms to regulate flow. 16. Oxygen not piped through wall outlets is available compressed and dispensed in tanks of varying sizes. A full tank contains _____2,000__________ pounds/square inch of pressure and has 2 regulator valves, one for ____how much is in the tank___________ and one for ____the rate of flow_____________. 17. __________21_____% of the air we breathe is composed of oxygen (FiO2). 18. A...
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