Oxygen and Indian Cricket Team

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•H2O is liquid, but H2S is what?
• Which sulfur has needle shaped crystals?
• Gold paint made from:
• Name a reducing agent:
Hydrogen sulfide
• Name the dehydrating agent:
Sulfuric acid
• Name a bleaching agent:
Sulfur di oxide
• A rain coat is made up of what?
• Which element on adding to natural rubber makes it less sticky in hot weather and less hard in cold weather? Sulfur
• Which chemical causes Minimata disease?
• The absence of cobalt in minute quantities in human body causes what? Pernicious anemia
• Which element can easily form chains?
• Oxygen can accept electron from all elements except what? Fluorine
• Which element is used as an antichlor?
• Which is the most reactive element in sixth group?
• Which is the smallest atom in sixth group element?
• All the oxide which contains two atoms of oxygen in a molecule is called what? Di oxides
• Write example for slow chemical reaction:
Rusting of iron
Change of mill into curd
• Which catalyst used in the manufacture of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen? Iron
• Which substance used as catalyst in the preparation of oxygen from potassium chlorate? Manganese dioxide
• Which compound formed when hydrogen peroxide decomposes? Water
• Which useable substance formed as a result of collision? Active complexes
• Which element can toxic to plants growing in soils that are high acidity? Aluminum
• Glass is made out of what?
• Which is considered to be an anomalous compound?
• How would you know that a chemical is pure or not?
By checking its melting point
• Which drug is present in cola drinks?
• Which fuel produce maximum heat per gram burnt?
• Which element in radioactive form is used for determining the age of artifacts, relics, bones etc. of the past? Carbon
• Which product of living organisms was the first to be made under the laboratory conditions? Urea
• Which drug is present in tobacco?
• What is the most common natural source for sulfur?
Volcanic region
• The first scientific definition of a chemical element was made in which book? The Sceptical Chymist
• Which element is present in the least amount in a living body? Manganese
• Which substance is produced when nitrogen react with hydrogen? Ammonia
• Which metal has the density is less than that of water?
• Which catalyst used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid? Vanadium pent oxide
• Which metal react with water and forms an alkaline compound? Sodium
• Which metal floats on water?
Sodium (potassium)
• Which theory is used for explaining the changes in reaction rate? Collision theory

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Rahul Dravid

"The Wall", " Mr. Dependable", " Mr. Consistent"-Rahul Dravid, the man at the helm of Indian cricket is the cynosure of all eyes with the Indian cricket team eyeing the 2007 World Cup title this March in the West Indies. Born on 11 January 1973 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, he grew up in Bangalore and hit the headlines when he scored a century on debut for his school team and a double century for the Karnataka under-15 cricket team against the Kerala under-15 cricket team.

He made his Ranji debut in 1991 against Maharashtra. Thereafter, he was selected to play for South Zone in the Duleep Trophy. After consistent and strong performances in the domestic circuit, he was selected for the India A team in a domestic tournament. He donned the national colors against Sri Lanka in the Singer Cup in 1996. He did not do well and was subsequently dropped from the side. Once he came back to the team, he performed creditably in the home and away matches for India. Dravid has been the rock of the Indian cricket team.

His 331-run partnership with Sachin Tendulkar is a world record. He was named one of the Wisden cricketers of the year 2000. Dravid received the Padma Shri award in...
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