Oxygen and Hydrogen Generation Experiment

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  • Published : March 27, 2012
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CK-101 Lab 03 – Lab ReportName: Will Stransky

Experiment 3: Properties of Gases

Questions within procedures:

1. Hydrogen

G. When hydrogen gas comes in close contact with fire, it generates a loud noise similar to a popped piece of popcorn and it blows out the flame.

2. Oxygen

B. When manganese reacts with H2O2 small bubbles form around the pieces of manganese and carbonates the whole solution.

E. When I put the glowing toothpick in the oxygen gas it caused the toothpick to light up instantly for a short period and then made it glow brighter red.

3. Hydrogen and Oxygen Mixture

D. When the hydrogen and oxygen mixture came in contact with the flame it caused a very loud pop and extinguished the flame.

4. Carbon Dioxide

1-D. The limewater is being displaced to for CO2

2-C. Similar to the limewater, the bromthymol blue is being displaced to form CO2 2-D. When I combine the H2O2 mixture with sodium bicarbonate with a light match, it extinguishes the fire.

3-F. When I mixed the alka seltzer tablet with the limewater it rapidly increased the volume in the well plate of the limewater mixture which means that it produces CO2 in the limewater.

4-C. I noticed no changes between the limewater and my breath through the straw.


A. Give two reasons why we fill the gas generator test tubes almost to the top with chemicals. One reason why we fill the gas generator test tube to the top is so the gases do not have a long time to travel and another reason is so that the pressure is increased due to the little space the solution has. If the pressure is increased then the gases will form quicker.

B. What happens to the zinc in the hydrogen generation experiment? The zinc in the hydrogen generation experiment displaces with the HCl to form hydrogen gas.

C. What happens to the manganese in the oxygen generation experiment? The manganese and the H2...
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